A Couple of Lovley Things

Hey guys…know what? It’s Friday!

And that means: the weekend’s knocking on the door…:)

But then again…I had weekend over the last two months like, every day…

School holidays😉

But next Wednesday that’s over…schools starts again and I am dead nervous because, for me that means, a completely new school…

I don’t know if you are familiar with the German school system but we have to go to school for at least ten years. Four years primary school and six years, something you might call secondary school…just that we’ve got four different kinds of them:

  1. The “Hauptschule”, there you will get the lowest education and therefore, a not so good paid job…but if you’re really good you can go to a higher educating school (Gymnasium)
  2. The “Realschule”, this is the most common way for students that don’t want to go to university…you can compare it with the GCSE’s in Great Britain…if you do want to go to university and you’re a good student you can continue with school after ten years and go to the “Gymnasium”
  3. At the “Gymnasium” you will get the highest education and the best job…you also have the opportunity of going to university afterwards. The “Gymnasium” is, unlike the other schools, for eight years, then you can get the highest graduation, it’s like A-level in the UK.
  4. The last one is the “Gesamtschule”, or comprehensive school (?), it’s a school were you can get any graduation of the schools above, depending on how good you are in the first two years.

I’ve been going to the “Realschule” for the last six years but now I have finished school and I will visit the “Gymnasium”…and I don’t know anyone there…and that’s really exciting!

Maybe I should bake something to make them like me…:D…pathetic I know…

Anyway…a few lovely things I’ve bookmarked, lately:

  1. Talking about baking…yesterday I mentioned that summer is almost over…so maybe I should make this soon…
  2. And this looks also great for the beginning of autumn
  3. End of Summer Chicken Skillet. Because, dinner always comes after dessert. Right?
  4. It really is a shame that I have missed rhubarb season…but next year I am SO gonna make these Blondies!
  5. When I have got a family I really want to have this in my house as well…
  6. And if these weren’t so expensive (and if i didn’t have enough shoes already) I would really consider to buy them:)
  7. I really like Lord of the Rings, and this is hilarious…
  8. I feel like this is only made for me…and it’s true by the way…unicorns ARE real!
  9. Huhu…there’s even more food: Greek Yogurt Swirl Brownies…Got to try!
  10. And at the end…this looks like a perfect breakfast, for lazy holiday mornings…

Unicorns and Rainbows…because that makes sense…

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